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Hi everyone! 🎉 Welcome to the official trickle featurebase! We've created this space exclusively for users like you to connect, share experiences, and provide valuable feedback on your journey with trickle, the mobile application that's revolutionizing the way we manage our schedules and communication!🚀 Why You're Here We believe that the best way to enhance user experience is by listening to the voices that matter the most – Yours! This forum is a platform for you to express your thoughts, share your success stories, discuss challenges, and propose new features or improvements that can make trickle even more powerful and user-friendly.💡 Help Shape the Future of Trickle Your feedback is the driving force behind our continuous innovation. By sharing your experiences and suggestions, you play a critical role in shaping the future developments and updates of trickle. Let’s build the ultimate personal assistant experience together!Cheers, the trickle team

trickle 9 months ago